How would you introduce yourself?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

“Carte de Visite” originated in France around 1854, it was a series of 8 small portraits all done in studio background and in each shot, a variation in the pose was done. All 8 pictures where printed in single sheet then cut individually to a 2.5x4 inches. There where used as a “ personal card”, often presented as a calling card for visitors and later on, sent out to relatives to become acquainted. It became such a popular trait that often people had a tray or basket in the entrance of the house to place them and many others collected them.

How could you introduce yourself? Would you create your own Carte de Visite? If you are interested read my article on “Cloth, Paper, Scissors; issue 59” to explore ideas.

For my “Cart de Visite”, I chose to dressed up in black and carefully thought out each of the poses that contained a piece of information about myself. I wanted to show myself as an artist in multi-media means but also as a photographer and reader, so all of the elements needed to be present.

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