Orange and green meadow with trees

C'est Belle

Flowers like red roses on vintage lace with a tree and light pink background

Point of view

Abstract mixed media art of trees using grays, green, pink turquoise, white, and black


nature scene with trees using subtle blue, gray, and brown hues

Refracted light (sold)

abstract nature scene playing on geometric shapes and the way light refracts throughout the day ( mainly gray and white)


pastel landscape involving trees, mountains, and greenery. (pink, blue, green, lavender)

Flower field

multiple flowers in rows using gray, brow, and white

At Sunset

sunset or sun setting behind trees. orange, green, purple, blue, brown


abstract mixed media of city using gray orange and blue

Fuego Fire front

abstract mixed media art displaying fire using orange, red, gray, and brown

Tierra Earth

abstract mixed media art showing earth landscape using orange, blue, and brown

Aire Air front

abstract mixed media art representing air using blue orange and gray

Aire Air

abstract mixed media representing air using blue, gray, and orange

Fuego Fire

abstract mixed media art representing fire using red, orange, gray, brown, light blue

Abstract in Orange

abstract mixed media art representing orange

red abstract cube

red abstract cube

Seascape triptych

abstract mixed media art representing seascape using blue hues and orange

light blue with red accents abstract cub

light blue with red accent abstract cube

blue abstract cube

blue abstract cube

blue-green abstract cube

abstract cube


abstract dancers using warm and cool tones

The Observer

abstract painting of people in the city showing light reflection with multiple colors


abstract perspective painting of people using cool tone colors


abstract perspective painting of people using warm toned colors


abstract image of horse using orange, yellow, gray, and brown.


abstract painting using orange, blue, green, yellow, and white.

On the Ledge

abstract painting using cool tones like blue and gray.

It's about time

abstract perspective painting representing time using red, blue, and orange.


sculpture including a glass case with mobile containing hanging photos and objects


Light blue eggs in a nest made of paper scraps surrounded by green leaves

Stich and mend

sculpture assembled from glass case with mobile containing hanging carte de visite photos and other objects


abstract painting using various shapes and a multitude of colors to represent the state or concept of meditation

Stitch bird

blue bird stitched with abstract background using green, yellow, orange, blue, and purple

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