I am passionate about several things: my family, art, architecture, interior design, history, photography, nature, food, travelling and running.

I have been a creative person all my life. I can remember building a doll’s house at 9 and tracing patterns out of newspaper and sewing my own garments at 11. I started a major in Art, soon switched to follow my inner voice in Fashion Design. Working as a Fashion Designer was fascinating. I enjoyed textures and  colors of different materials, my eyes and hands became very acute which deeply pleased my senses. Little did I know, that my diverse experience would culminate into pieces of art.

My exposure to Ceramics, Art and Photography not only deepened my perception of aesthetics and balance, but pleased my tactile sense as well. In my work I often employ several panels, dissections, explore balance in a non-symmetrical tradition while mixing different techniques.

My palette of colors at times can be very strong and bold, which I attribute to my roots, being born and raised in Mexico, soaked me in rich colors and traditions.


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